Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wedding - Tony and Devra

Beverly Hills Country Club - Beverly Hills, CA

Devra has got to be the most easy-going, happy bride EVER. I’m convinced that I don’t think I’ll meet another bride that was this stress-free, this excited, this happy, and this energetic. I’m not sayin it just to say it – it was like it wasn’t real. She wasn’t stressed, she wasn’t worried, she just smiled all day and was genuinely happy the entire evening. Devra and her new husband Tony were even super easy to work with for their private couple shoot – they knew exactly how to pose and what they wanted and let me be creative with them too. No stress for them at all. And as the evening went on it was like she had more energy – she didn’t leave the dance floor! Not only that, but they were super welcoming and always asked if everything was okay the whole day... AND.. their food was the craaaazyyy good.. Persian food - mmmm - my new favorite.. Tony and Devra - rockstars.

For me… After shooting a few as a second, this was the first wedding that I had done completely alone and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I liked it though – I hope those nerves never shake in my future weddings, because it kinda makes you feel alive… kinda like a performance, or the feelings of anticipation for a show, or before you put your fingers on the crossfader/vinyl to start to rock the party, or right before a game when you strap on your helmet and walk out of the tunnel under the lights... I digress to the semi-unrelated... Back on track - here we go! Enjoy!

Devra getting ready to be welcomed into the main room to walk down the aisle…

Now, their first kiss was probably the luckiest moment to capture given the conditions. They had a Jewish wedding ceremony and so had a Chuppah held over their heads during the ceremony. But, in their ceremony they had wanted to include many family members holding the Chuppah - to a point that they were completely surrounded! Capturing this moment was one I was relieved to get…

Then onto the next room to break bread..

And finally – party time!! Their fam can seriously party. If I was just a guest I don't know if I could keep up!

Thanks Kevin for the inspiration for this next shot!

Thank you Tony and Devra for letting me in on your special day! I hope you love the pictures! And… A big thank you to Mike Nalbandian, Videographer (Orange County Based), for calling me to work on this wedding with you… Great job on everything Mike!