Saturday, February 28, 2009


WPPI – Las Vegas, NV

Waaaahooo!! WPPI baby! Haha… Well – it was pretty funny because Vaness and I along with slightly older/newly-weds Adam and Jasmine went to WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) together... And for our first two (out of three days) there we ate at buffets, walked the strip, and even joined the swanky lil GoBee photographers party at the Luxor – All for the convention of course :-) By the way - if you're cool, you'd pick up the Card Holster like I did :-) I even got to meet Sara France and I found out we're practically neigbors! (oh yah, and if you check out her blog, we're in one of the first few pics in the slideshow from the Foto Cabina Booth!) Anyhoot – along with the festivities – we had a great time in Vegas and I came away with great connections, motivation, and information! More things for Daniel Galang Photography…

First thing’s first. If you’ve never been to the hugest in-n-out these eye’s have ever seen then you have not lived my friend. RIDICULOUS. They had those line dividers like you would see at Disneyland – this place WAS Disneyland – It was crazy. Okay. Enough of that…Here’s the proof.

My Wife kinda gets cold easily… But lucky for us, they got these cool little outdoor heaters at the MGM!

Belagio Buffet – MmMMmMMmm.. the best ever – but you only get to see one shot from there…

At the Wynn Garden lunch spot cafe thingy I saw the pepper and salt shaker and immediately thought “P – S… Photoshop??” Add that to the list of “You know you’re a photographer when…”

We spent a good amount of the trip with a camera to glued to our face though… we just couldn’t resist!

Ah, newly-weds, hehe… We actually were trying to shoot a wedd'ed couple session out in the middle of the desert on the way to Vegas, but it just didn't work out, so our improptu/just-for-kicks session in the Las Vegas casinos ahd to do. All the passer-bys loved it - haha...

And here - a picture of Adam and Jasmine after WPPI is over... Adam just must love Jas! Our spouses, what would we do without them..

Oh yes – and here’s my wife – I married up for shure. Yayuh!! I love you babe! Thank you for supporting me through my photo adventures...

Ginger joined us for a few events too!

And here - Adam and Jasmine bring out their inner model… heeeyy!!

Alright, alright – here’s my attempt at modeling after our little escapade at the GoBee Party...

Well – okay, so there isn’t much convention-ing happening in these pictures, but really we had so much fun! I was overwhelmed by the tradeshow itself. A whole lot happened and I’m still processing it all – huge learning experience...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hedrick and Sheryl

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse, Harbor Island – San Diego, CA

Well – It has been a while… and ever since my last post about a month ago, a WHOLE LOT has happened. To summarize – I am now a married man!!! My wife (whoa that’s new) and I have been doing a lot of moving, cleaning, gift opening, and settling in. And with that I have also been quite busy with family and work to say the least. But, in only my few weeks of marriage, I’m excited for the future. From our bestfriendship to traveling to getting our morning routine lined up, there is a whole bunch that we are looking forward to… Here’s to a new life together!

In this post, a session I shot a while back, I had Sheryl and Hedrick who are, for all intents and purposes, my little sis and bro. Yes I know, I have a lots of friends that I see as fam, but hey - I wouldn’t have it any other way.. Hope you enjoy the fun we had!

Okay, that stuff was a little too serious… now, here is the fun stuff!!

On our way out of Tom Ham’s after a while of catching up, we were able to catch a fireworks show on the Harbor! Sweet!

Well it has been a while, but I’m back! This year, not only do my wife and I have a whole new life ahead of us, but there are a ton of new changes ahead for Daniel Galang Photography. After a while of thought and prayer, with the encouragement of my wife and many friends, I am preparing for some great stuff this year!! So stay tuned this Spring for the unfolding of many hopes and prayers becoming realized!