Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Night Concert and Final Jamaica Post

May 2, 3 2008 – Nighttime

The night had all the energy of a rock concert, with all the Message of three Sundays of church. The artists of both nights, Israel & the New Breeds and Papa San to name a few, were some of the best concert praise teams that I have ever seen. They were straight FIRE. Just total heat and you could feel it... and see it... and I was one of the blessed and fortunate few to experience this whole thing ON STAGE for one of the evenings… That was a shot in a lifetime, and I took full advantage… Enjoy!

Pastor Miles shared the message to nearly 25,000 the first night and 35,000 the second night! Thousands raised their hands to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, so many that our volunteer staff was overwhelmed with the number of people that wanted to come forward. The whole week was the most intense week that I have ever had. I loved it.

I hoped you loved all the images in this 7 part series! It is definitely an experience I am always going to carry with me… God bless!