Friday, February 22, 2008


My first photo shoot..

Back in my second year in college I had the privilege of living with the best roommates on the face of this planet (at least next to the roomies that I have now of course!)… David, Victor, Cat, and April – M319… Towards the end of the year I was just getting into the whole photography thing and basically strong-armed everyone into doing a photoshoot for memory’s sake… It turned out to be fun and unforgettable…

More shout outs to photography assistants… my ‘dawta’ Chatess actually helped out with this one… What I did to get the right compositions was just like how you would when everyone is trying to get into the family picture – you set up the pose, leave a space for yourself, set the timer, and run into the frame!... Same concept except Chatess acted as my camera stand – I framed the shot and then told her to look in the viewfinder and made her follow points of reference in the shot… There are more photos from this shoot that I do want to add on here, but I need to track down some of the pictures for scanning… here are 2 out of my 6 favorite shots…

Regents2 Roomies M319

| M319 Roomies | Regents Road | SCAN of 35mm | La Jolla, CA |

Regents1 Roomies M319

| M319 Roomies | Regents Road |SCAN of 35mm | La Jolla, CA |

This was a whole lot of fun for me and my roomies at the time and something that I envision YOU, yes YOU the reader having as well! Under the left menu bar is a title called Featured… that explains everything… I’m sure there is someone out there that is looking for an opportunity for a free photo-op like this one… Don’t delay!


Heidi said...

that musta been an awesome household. i look up to all 5 of you accomplished, amazing KP/APSA board, community activist/organizer/ATC folk! i'm lucky to be able to call some of you my friends.... heh, or at least, i THINK some of you are my friends. good enough for me.

Cathlene said...

you make me smile, FRIEND! (that's right, i consider you a dear friend as well.)