Thursday, February 21, 2008

Evolution of a Photographer

More documentation of my first work…

The first here is with David – my roommate at the time.. I asked him if he could help me with a photo assignment I had… He said – what did you want me to do.. I said.. uh.. I have no clue??? Yah, for me photo class was always a struggle because it forced me to follow prompts and assignments – now I see that it could have only helped me.. But, then – I was scraping for any kind of creative epiphany.

David Freeze

| David R. | UCSD, CCC | La Jolla, CA | Scan of 35mm | Nikon N50 |

Interesting composition – in fact it was voted as the most interesting in my flickr (I have no idea how they determine that metric... This other one from San Francisco is the view from a spot very close to my house. It's at UCSF and is a place not too many people know about…


| UCSF | San Francisco, CA | Scan of 35mm | Nikon N50 |

If you look closely, the right third of the entire photo is out of focus… no it wasn’t intentional, and no it was not a function of my camera or even a shooting mistake … and it isn’t a function of my scanning either… it was a mistake I made in the darkroom – I placed my paper down and got ready to expose, and had some goofy object resting underneath the right corner of my exposure plate… that effectively slanted the paper slightly and thus the result…

Over the years I’ve found that the best pictures that I end up composing are not a function of my vision… Sometimes – you just walk and you find it… Actually, a lot of times that’s the case… since then, I kinda stopped trying to ‘make’ a specific picture and let my surroundings show me what to take… from that it has evolved into… (ha… I can’t believe this is the phrase I came up with) an art.