Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Engaged - Bryce and Julia

Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Vaness and I met Bryce and Julia at our Rock Marriage Preparation Class this past fall. They have the kind of story of how they met that makes you believe in romance and love… Seriously. And their story just about matches them. We got to know them eventually on a personal level over our 8 weeks together and we have to say that, in so many ways, our class was fashioned together for a reason. We each had perspectives to share that benefited each other in some way… And Bryce and Julia are no exception - they are a really beautiful couple.

I was sooo glad that they allowed me to work with them on their engagement pictures for their upcoming summer wedding! We had some fun at Balboa Park and for me it was a great shot to get comfortable shooting again with some good (and very handsome and gorgeous) friends! Here’s some of what we got! Enjoy!

Julia’s eyes are amazing!!!

Bryce and Julia – you are both ridiculously, ridiculously good looking people!!! (just like zoolander said...)

I really like this next pic a whole lot…

One of my fave’s from the whole day, you gotta end this post with a lil bit of that sun-fire cuz it was an amazingly gorgeous day!

Thanks Bryce and Julia! I hope you had a lot of fun! Vaness and I think you are both way, way beautiful in so many ways and will be definitely praying for you as your Marriage day comes close!


Lisa Gisczinski Photography said...

omg omg omg omg
DANIEL these are A.MA.ZING!

Jasmine Marie said...

Love that third shot from the top. :) Great job, Daniel!

Kevin Tsang said...

Hey Daniel, your photos just keep improving with every post. These turned out wonderful. I like the last photo with the sun flare.

Jeff said...

Nice work Daniel!! :) My favorite = 6th one from the bottom...very cool moment.

amanda fales shaw said...

these are INCREDIBLE!!!! holy MOLY! i just took a look at your honeymoon shots and WOW, those pool shots are amazing... especially the rings!!!

You are SO awesome!!! :)

Catie said...

gotta love sun flare! i do! :)