Thursday, March 5, 2009

Headshots - Tone

Embarcadero – San Francisco, CA

Tone. Roomate for 2 years before I moved and got married, Tone and I go back to the start of college – 8 years ago! Whoa. We really didn’t get to know each other that well until I graduated and to say that we have a few stories to tell about our friendship would be leaving out a lot. But, in these past few years I’ve seen this guy run – literally and figuratively. He is always looking to improve and always looking to push the limits of himself.

This is now the third time Tone has graced the blog as seen in Tone’s Rock n’ Roll Marathon and the ever so famous/infamous Flandskate Anthologies. Quite a trip – and as if I won’t be able to have him in another shoot for a while – Tone asked me to work some headshots for him as he makes an ambitious trip to Japan to seek life, education, and… employment.

Like Matt and Mark, Tone is another brother to me. Two years of roommate-hood isn’t too much with these guys, but we would like to say that we lived with each other as each of us made huge transitions from college kids to grown-man status… Common interests, or common experience – the four of us have them both and it has helped to continue our friendships with strength... It is a great thing to see each of them ‘do their thing’. I've been there for a lot of moments in their lives and these guys were saw me through lots mine... My first time rockin a party on the Turntables, my first full photoshoot, the day I came home with the engagement ring, moments after Vaness and I got engaged (they literally ran to us jumping up and down screaming like girls, haha). We lived life together and in some way or form they'll be in Vaness and my life for the long haul.. I know I’ll see Tone again – maybe when Vaness and I travel the globe! Well, check the shots – just a few, though - Tone was really looking for some simple headshots…

And well – a shot just for kicks – Tone’s new cover for his solo album, breaking away from the Flandskate Boyband as he discovers his new Japan fanclub!

Thanks Tone! Hope all is well overseas man… you’ll rock it for shure…

Here is just a little bit of scenery - I love SF. Miss it major.

So friends, if you’re lookin’ for some simple headshots like Tone was, or even something a lil more fancy like portraits.. or an event, or (of course) a wedding – let’s set something up! You can always email at


Jasmine Marie said...

Tone! :)

Hot hot hot.

Catie said...

Tooooooooooooooone! Lookin' sharp! :)