Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cynthia & Daniel

Featured Shoot 1

Thank you first to Cynthia and Daniel for volunteering to be a guinea pig of sorts… As this was my first shoot with a pair of people, there was PLENTY of learning to be had… Cynthia was kind enough to take me up on my offer and be the VERY FIRST featured shoot of the blog! Cynthia was an old resident of mine in my final year as an RA… I am really grateful for opportunities like this and hey, they had fun too!! Plus, they treated me to dinner! You can’t go wrong with that! Well, here’s what came out of the shoot… Enjoy!

So I pick up my subjects and we begin to drive down to our first location… Two miles from the exit into downtown I realize that I may have forgotten my one and only memory card. GREAT. What a perfect way to begin the shoot… so… nervous as crazy, we head to Horton Plaza to buy a new card (which I justified by saying that I was going to buy a new one anyways… I really was though!).


| Horton Plaza | San Diego, CA |

After that we just start shooting away… So here I am – doing my best to direct, shootin from all the angles I can, switchin lenses, standin on tables, crawling on the ground – I really felt like I was finally getting down and dirty with this whole photo deal… Everything seems back on track… But…

DSC_0026stair stare

| Cynthia & Daniel | Horton Plaza | San Diego, CA |

As we were wrapping up the Horton Plaza location shoot, I realize that I didn’t feed the meter when we first parked (45 minutes ago!) I guess I was so worried about the memory card that I completely forgot. GREAT. We hustle back to the car and thankfully, no ticket… =)

DSC_0047chess duel

| Cynthia & Daniel | Horton Plaza | San Diego, CA |

Driving to the train tracks location I spot the perfect parking spot and just have to make a U-Turn to grab it… of course, the one and only vehicle that was in front of me sees the same thing… GREAT. Thankfully, we had no problems parking at a Jack in the Box nearby… And also thankfully, the rest of the shoot went semi-smoothly…

DSC_0126 the V

| Cynthia & Daniel | Coaster Tracks | San Diego, CA |

DSC_0100Train Jumper

| Cynthia & Daniel | Coaster Tracks | San Diego, CA |

Now someone tell me how Cynthia pulled off the MJ pose… That is almost perfect… I could probably take that silhouette print it out and paste it on my shirt and no one would know the difference…

DSC_0119track feet

| Cynthia & Daniel | Coster Tracks | San Diego, CA |


| Cynthia & Daniel | Belmont Park, Mission Bay | San Diego, CA |


| Belmont Park, Mission Bay | San Diego, CA |


| Cynthia & Daniel | Belmont Park, Mission Bay | San Diego, CA |

And now, as for any San Diego couple shoot, the almost obligatory beach location shoot...


| Cynthia & Daniel | Mission Beach | San Diego, CA |


| Mission Beach | San Diego, CA |

DSC_0287sunset walk silo

| Cynthia & Daniel | Mission Beach | San Diego, CA |

DSC_0308me in the shad

| Cynthia & Daniel | Mission Beach | San Diego, CA |

We were all kinda getting tired by the end of the shoot, but we pushed through and finished up! So, with all that… I’m gonna finish with this…

DSC_0261forehead starburst

| Cynthia & Daniel | Mission Beach | San Diego, CA |

I was really glad that they were patient with me as I experimented with the starburst effects… It turned out well and ended up being one of my favorites of the shoot…

Thank you to Cynthia & Daniel for being so willing to jump in and help me learn… One of the biggest things I am going to have to get used to as I do shoots similar to this is the art of direction… As you can see in most of my photography, I have a very photojournalistic leaning – so directing people to stand a certain way for the sake of my composition is something I don’t normally do… It was a learning experience and very fun… You may notice that some of the poses do seem to have a lack of direction from me, but I think they did an AWESOME job at making up for that...


Jasmine Marie said...

Great job Daniel. :)

Love the jumping shot! How cute.