Monday, March 17, 2008

Reyelisa - Fashion Editorial, Pt. 1 of 4

Featured Shoot 2 - Fashion Layout, Details – Part/Location 1 of 4

So I woke up on Saturday morning at 6am, earlier than I really ever wake up during the week… I woke up feeling excited about the shoot – I showered thinking of the angles of the places I need to capture, brushed my teeth thinking of the number of shots I would need… I ate breakfast downstairs, reviewing design/storyboards, and googling locations of the shoot so I could get a better feel for the location and vibe – I was studying… My assignment – 2nd shooter, focus on the details…

Part/location 1 of 4…. Theme - Cindy, Today's strong working woman... Enjoy =)

| Corner House Cafe | San Diego, CA |

| Corner House Cafe | San Diego, CA |

| Corner House Cafe | San Diego, CA |

| Mark M. | Corner House Cafe | San Diego, CA |

| Corner House Cafe | San Diego, CA |

| Corner House Cafe | San Diego, CA |

| Corner House Cafe | San Diego, CA |

| Mark M. Tep C. | Corner House Cafe | San Diego, CA |

| Corner House Cafe | San Diego, CA |

After the 4 part location shoot was over, and the editing was done, and my energy completely gone – I opened my eyes after the flurry… I was always told -however repetitive - that in working – whatever I do – I need to follow my dreams and passions… pursue those things I love and do something where I wake up in the morning and say, “I can’t wait to work today”… The rational part of me will begin to reason with my heart and say, "but I can’t do EVERYTHING I want, there’s sacrifices to be made, I gotta get serious…" It kinda stings for a minute, but I get over it and begin to make what I do, fit… There is nothing wrong with working to take care of business, cuz you gotta eat, right? This isn't some "be everything that you ever wished you could be cuz you can just do it" speeches... cuz, if that were true - we would have a disproportional amount of rockstars and blog readers in this world... not every occupation is performed as a result of a deep rooted life passion - it just doesn't work that way... we need people who toil over the soil, technology, utilities, public services, food service (fo sho!), and all occupations listed in Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs... and those jobs are done with love because of the means to an end... But, you can't just COMPLETELY DROP what you DO love...

There was something that I was born with that made me never want to give up the things I love… I always fought for everything that I had a passion for (friendships, family, livelihood)… and this morning I woke up (figuratively and literally) and found that something was slowly being taken from me… I was being required to compromise… My young and impressionable mind began to be comfortable – satisfied that where I am is the beginning of everything life has to offer… but today was different… I woke up with the feeling that I couldn’t wait for the day to start – a feeling I haven’t felt for a few years… this isn’t because I hate my life or because I have a really bad situation – not at all, in fact I am EXTREMELY grateful for what I have in the way of where I work and what God has blessed me with – but, I haven’t felt this way in a few years because I slowed my hopes and ambitions for the speed of the working world… well… it’s time to get back into the fast lane…

God keeps placing deeper and deeper into my heart that this is where I should be... Photography... 80% of things that do get placed on our hearts as passions never get accomplished simply because of fear... whether it be lack of faith that God will come through, fear of rejection, past experiences - it all plays a part in that trick gets played in our heads... the one that convinces us that it is ultimately too much effort, or not worth it, or maybe just only available to those who have talent and luck... Something that I have learned from people who are where I would like to go is - they went after it... not tried it, but pursued it - almost with a healthy obsession (if that's even possible)... and only stopped to smell the proverbial roses until they were at the destination that they were running towards... I found that after they arrived, they weren't more greedy, or more dissatisfied, but instead, incredibly grateful and at peace (dissatisfied, greedy, and ungrateful often only came because of disingenuous motives)... they are all that much better for it... I reviewed my experiences and most cherished memories and accomplishments and they had that same theme - I went after it, didn't stop 'til i got there - and finished/continued much better because of it...

Well thanks for reading so far... and sorry for the long post... sometimes I can't stop writing/talking when it comes to things I'm passionate about... But hey, it's a blog right?! That's what these things are for... kinda...

Enjoy the rest of the shoot in parts 2 thru 4! Cuz I know I did!


Kevin said...

I'm liking the composition of the photos... eager the see the rest.

Anthony said...

hella fresh though =) i'd say the lack of sleep multitudinally paid off. peace and blessings on your trailblazing! (p.s. i'm adopting "disingenuous" into my vocabulary. good word)