Thursday, March 6, 2008

Good People

The things that matter…

At this point so far God has placed a number of really great people in my life… I have been able to learn and grow in the presence of all sorts of people in numerous ways and the staff that I spent my final year as an RA with is no exception… There was a closeness that I can’t really explain and… well... I really like it that way… unexplainable… It is my work with those folks that make me feel like I need to be involved in a field full of personal interaction…. But for now engineering and research has its purpose in my life (more on that at another time)…

We all got together just this past winter for a celebration of many lives at a turning point… most surprising to me was the fact that a lot of us were actually able to converge on the same day – and as grads, professionals, and current students, we all know how IMPOSSIBLE that is…heck, it was even impossible when we were all working together on the same staff! Anyways.. here are a few pics from that fun little gathering back in December… you can’t go wrong with a bunch of silly, crazy people and no TV… ah, real socializing… and finally some shots of people!


| Jayne S. Priti S. | Marciano’s | La Jolla, CA |

It’s good to enjoy a good times with good people. Good stuff. =)

Hugs around

| Salo R. Mohan K. Laura Y. | Marciano’s | La Jolla, CA |

As a staff, I don’t think we can ever get around having at least one good counseling-type moment… and of course - complete with a hug. We have got to be the most supportive group of people on the planet. I fully blame Jan - thanks Jan!

Uh Oh...

| Priti S. Salo R. | Marciano’s | La Jolla, CA |

Mo and Harsha

| Mohan K. Harsha C. | Marciano’s | La Jolla, CA |


| Vaness C. Aurena B. Mohan K. | Marciano’s | La Jolla, CA |

The next one is probably my favorite of the set… There is nothing like sincere laughter – There is just no real way to replicate that in a predetermined shoot…


| Aurena B. Harsha C. Mohan K. Vaness C. | Marciano’s | La Jolla, CA |

Deep Thought

| Salo R. Laura Y. | Marciano’s | La Jolla, CA |

Yet another example of our group’s deep thought capabilities… but the next few shots show just a little bit of that goofy-ness that is a signature of our gatherings…

Candid Enri Salo Laura 2

| Enrique S. Salo R. Laura Y. | Marciano’s | La Jolla, CA |

Candid Enri Salo Laura 2

| Enrique S. Salo R. Laura Y. | Marciano’s | La Jolla, CA |

I had a whole lotta fun hangin out with the people that watched me grow up a ton over my final years in college… We all have a great chemistry and I know I will be hard-pressed to ever find anything that close, meaningful, and intimate in a working environment… Another blessing…

For all the photog types who may be examining the images, a lot of the pics turned out quite soft… I spent a lot of time shooting wide-open on a high speed prime lens and the highest ISO ever… more tech mistakes as usual… but, hey… I’m learning! And most of them still turned out to be kinda fun =) Also, I decided to give TRA (Totally Rad Actions) a try on this set of photos.. some effects and tweeks are more apparent than others.. and I haven’t pushed the limits of the capabilities of the entire action set – but I must say it has very much accelerated my PS learning – and they are just plain fun!…..

Recently, I had a conversation with my roommate about photography style… Something I have been learning about myself is that I am more of a “naturalist”… I need to be engaged with what I am shooting or the fact that I could care less will absolutely show… In the case of this shoot, I feel fully immersed in who and what I am shooting… I love candids and in general I think I am just an observationalist (hey, it’s my blog – I get to make up some words, right?) And of course you gotta love doing shoots of your favorite good people….


Ginet said...

i like the laughing picture too. it can totally pass for an ad. vaness is beautiful but you already know that!

amanda fales photography said...

the second-to-last photo here is definitely my favorite. i love the expressions! :)

to answer your question- i went to school for visual communications (design, web, photography, journalism) and had no idea what i wanted to do with it, but have been doing weddings since high school. i tried working at a magazine for two years after school, and realized that i am NOT an 8-5 sit-at-your-desk-and-follow-rules girl! I wanted to do my own thing!

So I quit on a whim, and began doing wedding photography full-time four months ago. definitely was a terrifying switch at first, when things were slow, but it picked up after january!

Your eye for moments is fabulous... I say you're well suited to shoot weddings! :)