Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jesse's 7th Birthday!

Party Playhouse - San Francisco, CA

This ‘lil guy is growin up so fast. Every single time I go home he gets taller, has a large vocabulary, and gets a lil more bold. He is such different child than me and my other bro Tristan ever were. When I was little, and even through grade school, when I was asked to describe myself, I would respond – “shy” – weird huh? Anyways.. just thought I would share a bit of from the festivities that was Jesse’s bday. This was the first one I actually have been to since he was born. I’m not a bad brother I swear! It was just cuz while I was in school I always had finals, and his bday lands two weeks after Thanksgiving and two weeks before Christmas break. It’s hard to get up to the bay when that is the timeframe! Well, enjoy this lil 2nd lil look into my family life :-)

Geordi, our family’s star bballer wins easy.

Bonnevie is a winner too!

Uncle Remy getting run over by Jesse!

Faith hopin’ to take her prizes home!

Jesse at the wack-a-mole...

Now, Tristan at the wack-a-mole tryin’ to show Jesse what’s up, haha!

Imagine the way this scene probably looked, me taking a picture of my dad taking a picture of my uncle Reimel taking video of the kids… confusing, but really funny if you were there..

Jesse at gift opening time…

A giant Millenium Falcon! Complete with battle stations, lights, sounds, action figures… That thing is amazingly huge – and way crazy big. Truly a Star Wars kid’s dream!

Thanks for following along with me in my last two posts showing my family!


Jasmine Marie said...

Jesse looks so cute.

Adam just said, "WOW! I want to be a part of your family!"

I concur.

And dude, that Star Wars gift is bigger than Jesse is! :)