Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving and Tristan's Birthday!

Grandma’s, Uncle Reimel’s, Espitus - San Francisco, CA

Thanksgiving – It means family. And this one is one that has a bit of symbolic relevance. It was the last one at my grandma’s house. After her passing, the house that has become a cornerstone memory of my childhood is now on the market for sale. I can’t say that I was particularly emotional about it though, maybe because the house was re-done a few years ago after a fire almost took the life of my grandma prematurely. I guess that’s why I really didn’t take a lot of time taking a ton of pictures (or any at all really)… Here is a little snapshot of the numbers my dad took..

All MY main memories were probably built in the house’s previous shell. Now, with the Technicolor painted walls a new white, the house plumbing in modern working order, the basement “cave of mystery and scary childhood darkness” remodeled into a bright garage and bedrooms, this place that was “grandma’s house” has kinda taken on a new meaning for me. But, the celebration is still the same – Thanksgiving means family. I was glad to take the drive up to the bay with my fiancé Vaness and glad she was at least able to see where I grew up with all my cousins…. Another bit of relevance – this was my last Thanksgiving with my family as an unmarried son, cousin, nephew, and grandchild… weird and exciting at the same time… Here are my two bros in my portraiture attempts on my grandma’s famous steps.

Vaness and my mom sharing some sort of an a-ha moment..

Moving on to my Uncle Reimel’s that evening.. we had more food than we would even want to handle. It was a bit tiring just taking the food on – but once again our family time was full of laughter, food challenges, and - shall we say - some memorable quotes by my grandpa (you kinda had to be there)… Here’s some of that food (Turkey is in there somewhere)! Yum..

The dessert table, on the other hand, was a very rough experience. I think everyone in the household, despite the way too full stomachs, thought that a plate full of dessert was too hard to pass up. Major weight-gainage. And honestly, some major pain (with a dash of regret). Foreal. But, c’mon, if you didn’t gain weight eatin up with the fam on Thanksgiving, well – you have more discipline than me, that’s for sure.

Caitlin enjoying dessert by the plateload!

Jesse getting down on dessert too!!! Okay, okay – he was trying to steal my plate… Alright, alright, I just told him to hold it so that I can get him in trouble and frame him eating too much dessert..

Caitlin, Geordi, and Tristan still grubbin real late into the night!

Mom and Dad kinda wanted to “surprise” Tristan with a birthday dinner at Espetus… Uncle Reimel and family joined along with Grandma and Grandpa Galang… Now, if you have never been to a restaurant like Espetus, then I will first say – meat eaters, pay major attention. Brazillian skewer bbq brought to your table still on the skewer in a non-stop buffet of a variety of several different types of tasty cuts of beef, chicken, and pork complimented with a buffet table of different rice dishes, vegetables, and soups… Seriously! It is an amazing dining experience. We had a real good time and I was happy to celebrate with my bro.. you're an old man now!

And the place is pretty nice too!

Oh, man – lemme tell you, this guy has got it so good he don’t even know.. I’m not bitter, nope – not at all!! Jesse - when you grow up and read this in the future - I'll have to explain it to you..

Happy birthday Tristan!

And, happy biiiirrthdayyy tooooo me. Ha! Just kidding.

That was a real break. My last Thanksgiving as a “single guy”. But, I know my future Thanksgivings will just be more of the same. Memories and good times. And of course, family, family, family.... and way too much dessert!

Well it’s already been a few weeks, but Happy Thanksgiving to all!! I hope you all had a good one!


Catie said...

Man, all that food looks delicious!! Great stuff! It's weird, but cool to think it's the last Thanksgiving/Christmas as a single person (it's mine too!). Are these with your new D300? :)

Jasmine Marie said...

Oooh... did you say meat?! :)

And how is Jesse? He's still missing his two front teeth.

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

pancit and lumpia for thanksgiving! that looked like our "turkey day" table!