Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wedding - Ren and Irene

Michael Katz Winery at Ruby Hall - Pleasanton, CA, Bay Area

I had to post these few shots from Ren and Irene’s rockstar wedding. Ren is Vaness’s very close cousin, so I had the good fortune of being invited to the wedding. One of the biggest things that I love about Vaness’s cousin Ren and his new wife Irene is the way they approach things in life – have fun. They do take it to a whole new level, but the point is, they really know how to make anyone feel comfortable around them and, of course, have a good time too...

Now, their wedding - I couldn’t resist taking pictures at – it was straight heat. They really had a beautiful wedding. I didn’t shoot a lot though, just a few here and there (kinda being an invitee)… check ‘em out!

Check out a bit of the cocktail hour! I really didn’t get to capture everything, but the Michael Katz Winery was major!

And check out their tables and reception area! Wow!

From left to right – Vaness, Emae, and their new sister (their brother Neremiah’s new wife) Ate Joy…

And here is Vaness’s family..

They had a REALLY good band, D’Groove (Bay Area Based). They did some really good covers, orginals, and were just plain talented. They SERIOUSLY rocked it..

Now this next moment is one that would probably exemplify exactly how they are – completely fun loving. They were enjoying a little fun variety show that their family and friends put on for them in the middle of the wedding. I was crazy crackin up (I didn’t take any pics though, cuz I was too busy laughing!)… I was just glad to catch this reaction from Ren and Irene!

Thank you sooo much Ren and Irene for inviting me to your wedding! Vaness and I had a greeaaat time!! Can’t wait to see you in January at our wedding!!


ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

gorgeous couple!! lovin your details especially that bomb cake shot!! love the emotion you captured in that last image too! rocked it my friend!!

hope santa was good to you and vanessa! we wish you guys a safe, blessed and successful 09'!

ha ha! my verification word is suker!! ha! sorry i thought that was funny :)

Jasmine Marie said...

looks like a fabulous wedding for Vaness' super FAB cousins! :)

Catie said...

Awesome shots man! That is a beautiful venue. I want to shoot there someday! :)